A few pictures of the 2018 Via Colori

A bit of housekeeping first: The new parent company of flickr  where I host my photos has decided to delete all but the last 1000 photos unless I become a paid member but I have decided not to do that.  I could go on about how it feels wrong for the fickr to spend 5 years encouraging uploading photos only to turn around and hold those photos and how I feel my photos and photos of other free users have made flickr what it is today and have value and deleting them is like destroying a part of culture and history but the new owners have made it clear they don’t care and so I’m moving on too.

In the end, it really was the principle and I feel they could have come up with a better solution.  The bad part as far as my blog is concerned is that, I won’t have enough time or energy to go back and rehost and update the links for my photos so there will be many dead links for past photos unfortunately.  I’ll try to go back and update posts that were more special to me and perhaps change the formatting to automate the process more but there is going to be some link rot here and I’d imagine in many blogs online.

One of my favorite Houston events to photograph is the Via Colori Sidewalk chalk festival which raises money for the Center for Hearing and Speech .  This year’s event was unfortunately cut a bit short due to Rain on the Sunday of the event.  I usually come on Sundays when the works are further along but anticipating the weather came a day early so it’s more of the early stages of the work.  There was also a little bit of a change in organization so hopefully next year things are a bit more organized.


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