A few photos of the South Congress Ave. bats in Austin

It occurred to me that I had never seen the bats in Austin because I’m usually there when the weather is cooler and by then they’re either gone or not really much to see. Since this is the peak time for their activity, I thought I’d check it out and it was quite the spectacle.
South Congress Ave. Bridge Bats

People lined up the entire length of the South Congress Ave. bridge a couple of hours before sunset! There were traffic jams with morons running across traffic and getting into argument with the drivers (one moron kicking a truck that almost hit him) but overall, it was pretty controlled the way it would be when people show up for a 4th of July fireworks show.



Night Wings Sculpture

There is even the “Night Wings” Sculpture as you walk by so you know you’re in the right area.


South Congress Ave. Bridge BatsJust as the sun was setting, the swarm of bats shot out from the bottom of the bridge.


43009332234_beb7bc7d8a_o.jpgIn retrospect, I should have been below the bridge to catch them against the brighter sky and skyline alas, I was trying to capture the whole scene so I had a higher vantage point with a telephoto lens.

South Congress Ave. Bridge Bats

Austin’s famous bat colony in late July

Perhaps the boat tour might be fun too but I’ve heard that you might get covered by bat poop if you’re under there.

The bats really cover some distance:

South Congress bats

Austin’s Bat colony going towards I-35

After about 5 minutes, the magic was gone and the bats were spread out throughout the city so I decided to get a closer look

Town Lake bat watching

Kayaks and tour boats watching the bats from Town Lake

Did I mention it was crowded?

South Congress bridge crowd leaving after watching bats

Crowd on South Congress Ave. bridge after watching the bats

And just as quickly as they came, the streets were cleared again.


South Congress bridge and Austin skyline during blue hour/twilight

Austin’s skyline and South Congress bridge at blue hour on a Saturday night after bat watching.


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