A few of my favorite photos of 2017

I really wasn’t expecting to take many interesting photos in 2017 but it turned out to be a memorable year. The year started with the Super Bowl coming to Houston so I took a few photos there

Super Bowl Live at Discovery Green Park

Super Bowl Live at Discovery Green Park

In all my wisdom I decided to go to a little hot air balloon festival which quite honestly was kind of a dud. Still, it was a fun new experience.
5th annual Balloons Over Horseshoe Bay Resort

I got bored and would just check social media and Discovery Green had a lot of fun little shows to check out
It’s Not Yet Midnight by Compagnie XY

I got really bored and when that happens, I check out a new angle near downtown
Allen's Landing

Then came Hurricane Harvey…Never would I have imagined that I would be taking a photo of Allen Parkway this flooded. Keep in mind this was a couple of days after the worst had passed so the levels were much higher.
Houston Harvey Flooding

Beltway 8 Flooded near Memorial and I-10

But Houston is resilient and while people were rebuilding their houses and putting their lives back together, the city was not stopping to look back.
Canned Acoustica Unplugged Concerts

The Astros did their part
Go Stros!

Go Stros!

And Houston continued on strong as always.
Houston's Be Someone Graffiti and Houston skyline

Frostival at Discovery Green

Colori 2017

1400 Smith Street and 1500 Louisiana  Street Buildings


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