A few more pictures of Houston’s skyline at night

Ok, I admit it: I have an addiction with taking skyline photos at night and in particular, twilight (known as the blue hour). Fortunately, the area around downtown Houston is always in flux so I get new vantage points and new things to photograph.

I was debating whether I should shoot through the fence or include it and I think including it adds another layer to the photo and frames the downtown skyline nicely:
Downtown Houston SKyline There is Sabine Park now which if it weren’t for the ugly power lines crossing Sabine bridge would make a great photo spot Downtown Houston Buffalo Bayou Park looks beautiful now too and is a great place to get out and enjoy the weather: Downtown Houston SKyline

Downtown Houston Skyline

Then there is the scary part of downtown that I wouldn’t recommend being at after dark along the Heights Hike and Bike trail since you are pretty much on your own:
Downtown Houston Skyline

For my money however, the classic Houston Skyline spot is along the Sabine Bagby Promenade

Downtown Houston Skyline Downtown Houston Skyline

Downtown Houston Skyline I even found a super secret spot! Downtown Houston Skyline


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