A Few Pictures from Beautiful Seattle

There is a reason why Seattle is usually prefaced with “beautiful”. I can say without hyperbole that Seattle and that corner of the Pacific Northwest is a landscape and cityscape photographer’s dream and often feels like walking into a painting.  If you want to see all my public photos of Seattle past and present(my older pictures had the year in the watermark and smaller sized), please visit my flickr album since it’s not possible to post them all here. Instead,here are my favorite photography spots in Seattle.

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park
The first spot that any photographer should visit in Seattle is of course Kerry Park. There are probably millions of photos taken at this spot, but you should still make it your own. Trust me, depending on the time of the day or night, the weather, which spot you pick, which lens you use, and how you frame the picture, yours will still be unique. Just remember that this is a VERY popular area so if you come in the evening, you’ll be elbow to elbow with selfie takers and other serious photographers. Here are a couple of my pictures.

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

The next ultra popular and over-photographed area is Pike Place Market. Go ahead, act like a tourist!
Pike Place Market at Dusk
Don’t forget that this is an actual market so there are pictures to be taken inside as well if you come during business hours.
Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

Your first chance at not being a complete tourist is to check out Post Alley next to Pike Place Market. This gem is usually forgotten by the casual tourists who don’t go down the alley.
Market Theater

In there is one of the germiest places on earth – the gum wall
Post Alley

Post Alley in Seattle

Yup, the gum wall. I’m sure whoever has to clean that from time to time is not a happy person, but hey, it’s a landmark now so there is no going back.
Post Alley

While you’re in the area (or whenever), check out Seattle’s newest attraction, the Seattle Great Wheel – also known as the giant Ferris wheel. You can go east on Post Alley or just punch it up in your GPS.
Seattle Great Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel Ferris Wheel

Seattle Great Wheel

Water Front Park

Don’t forget to walk around in Waterfront Park as well. FYI, I took these pictures from the Columbia Tower’s Skyline Observatory. I highly recommend it and it should be on your list. Touristy? Yes, but not as much as the Space Needle and you can take pictures of the Space Needle too.
Seattle Skyline from Above

You can see everything from up there
Seattle Skyline and waterfront from Above

After sunset, they turn down the lights, but reflections are still a challenge. If you can get a nice picture though, it’s well worth the challenge. Either way, use your eyes and soak it all in as well.

Seattle Skyline on a stormy night

Next to Kerry Park, the other well known skyline and Elliot Bay view is from Alki Beach/West Seattle. The best spot for that is near the Water Taxi port. You can take pictures from the Water Taxi too (which I did not). If you want a higher viewpoint, try Hamilton Viewpoint which is a 15 minute walk up (again, use your GPS).

Seattle Skyline and Elliot Bay at Night from West Seattle
The skyline is 2 miles away so you have to find your own way in making your picture stand out. It’s not as easy as Kerry Park and I found panoramas to work best as I could zoom in.

The same advice goes for taking a skyline picture from Gasworks Park and Lake Union:
Seattle Skyline at Night from Lake Union and Gasworks Park

Your final touristy area should be the Seattle Center next to the Space Needle and Key Arena (former home of the Supersonics (RIP).When the weather is nice and/or they have events there, you can get some nice pictures. This time around however, I had nothing to work with.
International Fountain

And of course, don’t forget your selfie with the Fremont Troll
The Fremont Troll

You are now done with the touristy areas. Let’s get more advanced.

Visit Volunteer Park and the Black Sun Sculpture – thought to be the inspiration for the Soundgarden song. I don’t know if it’s actually true or not, but it’s a unique spot mostly known by the locals:
Black Sun Sculpture

Take a hike to Discovery Park and visit the West Point Lighthouse
West Point Lighthouse

There is some grunge music history here too as the video for the Temple of the Dog song “Hunger Strike” was filmed there.

West Point Lighthouse

Do you want more skyline pictures? Try the Dr. Jose Rizal bridge:

Seattle Skyline at Dawn

Seattle Skyline at Dawn

If you have access to a car or are comfortable with commuter buses, visit surrounding areas. Go to Snoqualmie Falls featured in the show Twin Peaks.

Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie, Washington

At this point, you should explore the city on your own. Check social media, find interesting subjects on the street, and if all else fails, find new angles of the Space Needle. I promise you’ll never run out of things to photograph in Seattle.

Space Needle at night up close and personal

Seattle, Washington

Pier 66 area in Seattle

Magnolia Bolevard
Seattle near Magnolia Boulevard viewpoints

Pier 66
Pier 66 area in Seattle

UpGarden in Seattle

Century Link Field

Hopefully this helps you if you may have stumbled here looking for tips. Just remember to be street smart and consider personal safety first. Seriously, you’re responsible for that and I am not liable if your camera falls in the water or someone mugs you 😉 Seattle is relatively safe but crime can happen anywhere so use your best judgement.


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