A few pictures of San Antonio’s Riverwalk

The last time I went to San Antonio was during the Christmas season and I was mostly there to do a quick tourist tour because it had been years since I went there and even then it was to go Depeche Mode’s 86-98 compilations concert with my late friend Cecelia whose story I briefly mentioned in my Funnel Tunnel post. Of course, back then, I was only armed with a pager, or “beeper” as the cool kids called them and certainly no camera or GPS device so I didn’t really see much and instead relied on my childhood visit there more than 10 years even still earlier!

This time, I wanted to get more of a local feel of the Riverwalk and so I met up with a local friend and we walked from the Pearl Brewery side of the river to about Market Street and back. I only brought my camera and mid-range zoome. All in all, it was just 2.5 miles each way according to the maps. It doesn’t seem like much but it was 97 degrees (a more dry heat than Houston) so it did require several water breaks. I’m not terribly informed about the history of the area so take the info with a grain of salt but I do try to research the things I see.

We started in the Pearl area where they have the all too familiar Luxury Apartments surrounded by new eateries and drinkeries. The old Pearl Brewery smokestack

I should give them credit because it looks like they’ve tried to preserve a lot of the old charm by keeping the old smokestack and other familiar parts.

Emma Hotel
Just a pro tip, if you’re renting a bike, be very careful because the steering wheel on them are a bit “top heavy” and we saw a poor lady hit the pavement as she tried to start the bike. There are also lots of little turns and such.


Eventually, you’ll hit the touristy parts of the walk:
Tourists doing touristy things

If you’re tired, you can always take a water taxi back. I suggest you just relax, eat, etc. and then walk back and enjoy the sunset and the things you might have missed at day time. What things?

How about a nice view of the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts?
Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

Or the Lock and Dam?
San Antonio River Lock & Dam at sunset

San Antonio River Lock & Dam at sunset

The VFW Post 76 is a local favorite
VFW Post 76

Or this building with the…Ok, I have no idea what this building is but it looked cool

And finally, your prize for doing the walk. Donlad Lipski’s F.I.S.H. Out of Water piece over the Camden Street Bridge. Wow. I took a photo of it in day time but I didn’t want to post it and ruin the magic, but this is quite an amazing piece.

Donald Lipski's F.I.S.H Out of Water

I didn’t have my tripod so kind of rested my camera on my camera bag and did my best to try to get the reflection and a closeup. ISO 1000 doesn’t look too shabby at all. THIS is why we spend money on expensive camera gear!
Donald Lipski's F.I.S.H Out of Water

And finally, the last picture.
Donald Lipski's F.I.S.H Out of Water

I won’t lie, from an outsider, much of San Antonio’s attractions appear to be focused around the Riverwalk, but the more I find out about the city, the more it seems that there are many hidden gems to be found. Cities like Austin and Seattle tend to be right in your face and draw you in right away, but some cities need a little more exploring to be appreciated.


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