Night photography doesn’t always happen at twilight

In my post regarding the different stages of twilight, I went into great detail regarding the importance of the best time to photograph subjects at night if you want to get the deep cobalt blue sky in the background.

Truth be told, I’m kind of addicted to twilight photography and am constantly looking for new vantage points of cityscapes. Just because there is a difference however doesn’t mean that you can’t take pictures at night. Both are nice in their own way. For instance, this is a shot I’ve been wanting to take for a long time:

Houston Skyline at Twilight

After I got that shot, twilight had already passed and so I packed my tripod and camera and was walking away (hoping not to get jumped) and saw view below and had an epiphany.
Houston Skyline at night

Sure, it’s not the magical deep blue sky, but there is such a thing as “night” and we see it far more than twilight so why not capture it? No need to be a twilight snob! Clouds in the sky really helped out here to create separation between the buildings and the sky.

Here is another shot a couple of days later:
Downtown Houston from the east

Granted, this was at the very very late stages of twilight but I was already there and why not take the picture? It looks good, it’s an interesting view…why not?

Sometimes you don’t even have any choice as was the case last year when the blood moon happened at early morning before dawn. Was I going to let the perfect positioning of the earth, the moon, and the sun to wait for twilight? Nah.

Sam Houston Statue under Blood Moon

Ideally, I think twilight pictures look better but I certainly will not let a view or moment pass by because it’s “too late” to take a picture. Ok, here are a few more twilight photos of the Houston skyline. I really am an addict.

Downtown Houston from the East End

Main Street
Houston Uptown/Galleria

Downtown Houston from the East End

This one is pretty much over.
The Aquarium


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