A few pictures of the McGovern Centennial Gardens in Hermann Park

If you haven’t been to Hermann Park lately, you might be surprised to find a rather big hill in the area where the Garden Centers used to be. This is the location of the new McGovern Centennial Gardens and the subject of my photography last weekend. Actually, that’s not entirely true as I was really there for the Kite Festival and decided to finally check out the new gardens.

It’s a fantastic addition to the Hermann Park area and another wonderful thing the Conservancy has brought to Houston; however, I have a bone to pick with my fellow photographers and parents who don’t control their kids. While I was there, I saw not one, but two photographers doing engagement shots and blocking the pathways and another one plopping down his tripod in the middle of the waterfall (pictured below) for a good 10 minutes.
I would have posted his picture here, but I assure you that I and other photographers are not there to photograph other people taking pictures. Ironically, the gentleman with the tripod had rigged up his iphone to it so this is not about the size of the camera, but rather common courtesy to others around the park. As a photographer, I always preach that the fastest way to get cameras and tripods banned from a public space or require permits is to be jerks and block the enjoyment of other people. Don’t be that guy. Just take your pictures or video and after a minute or two, get out of the way.

Then there are the unruly children who come running down blind corners. Come on people! Back in my day…ok, enough of that. Here are the pics!

McGovern Centennial Gardens

The waterfall:
McGovern Centennial Gardens

Climb up:
McGovern Centennial Gardens

Mcgovern Centennial Gardens

And there you are!
McGovern Centennial Gardens

This was the picture I was waiting to take. The light was changing but I couldn’t take a picture because in front of the waterwall was Mr. iphone-tripod and on the left was the engagement couple. I had a few seconds to take this shot before the sun moved away from the hill.
McGovern Centennial Gardens


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