A few more pictures of Austin!

Austin is one of my favorite cities to photograph. There is always something going on. If you’re really bored, take a moment to visit my first, second, 3rd, and 4th visits there. Each time I go there for my photo trips, I try to see more of the city. It started out just walking around in the street, then I came on a cold rainy day and met up with another photographer friend and I just got to see a cool coffee shop and eat a tasty burger at fancy burger place in South Congress. Later I wanted to expand to the nature portions of the city like Mt. Bonnell and Lake Travis.

This time around, I had limited day light and really just wanted to relax, enjoy the great weather, and finally go visit the Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, officially known as the Hope Outdoor Gallery. This is private property but open to the public so not everybody can go and paint without getting a ticket first, but whether you participate or just observe, it’s a unique and fun place. Just make sure and have proper shoes and clothes because it might get dirty while you climb or sit on paint.

Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin

Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin

Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin

Be sure and climb to the top and get a view of Austin that you don’t normally get. These girls look like they’re enjoying the day. Austin Skyline viewed from the Hope Outdoor Gallery

Not to be one to miss an opportunity for a panoramic picture, I took this one The original is a huge 50 Megapixel monster but you can click on the picture for a slightly bigger version.
Austin Skyline viewed from the Hope Outdoor Gallery

As nice of a day that it was, it was still early January so the day was short so I made my way to the lake to get a few classic pictures of the skyline before finding my treasure spot, the new Boardwalk I love how the trees frame the skyline here…and yes, that was by design.
Austin Skyline at Golden Hour

Austin Skyline

At last! I found the Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this was called or where exactly it was located. I had seen a couple of pictures of it and didn’t remember seeing it last year and as it turns out, it was finished in June of 2014. Every other Austin Skyline picture i had was from the west of the city near the Pedestrian Bridge so I was eager to find this boardwalk and was about to give up until a friendly Austinite told me I was almost there.

The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Then I waited for the twilight
The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

It was also a full moon
The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

Finally, I got my moneyshot. I have a few versions of this a little wider, a little to the left, a and a little to the right. I like this one because it has the trailing line to guide the eyes to the skyline
The Boardwalk Trail at Lady Bird Lake

By now I was hungry and cold and knew there was still the tail end of twilight left (Astronomical Twilight) in case I saw something else to photograph so I did’t put away the tripod and camera. Luckily, The full moon was in full view of the skyline and I took my 2nd favorite picture of the night with just enough twilight left to keep the sky blue instead of black.
Austin Skyline at Twilight

For good measure, I took one from the 1st avenue bridge too
Austin, Texas

And one more for good luck before saying good night to Austin once again.
The Long Center at night


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