A few pictures of San Antonio during the holidays

My annual holiday daytrip this year took me to San Antonio. As always, the weather was a challenge but I saw a small window of good weather last Friday and thought it would be the perfect time to go. What I wasn’t expecting however was the massive traffic in the outskirts of the suburbs so that ended up adding an extra hour to an already 4 hour drive and as such, I had much less time to explore the city and was limited to the touristy part of the city. Still, if ever a city had a great tourist section of their city, it would be San Antonio. Everything is clustered in within walking distance.

I love towers and so I thought I’d at least take a boring picture of the Tower of the Americas. I had been up there in the 80’s but there was no time to go this time. For my taste, I think Seattle’s Space Needle is far more elegant and sexy than the SA version, but I guess this one needs love too.
Tower of The AmericasNo visit to San Antonio is complete without looking at the Alamo. I didn’t do a great job of photographing it however on the account of being too late and missing the golden hour and being too late and missing the twilight hour. On top of that, if you look in the upper right side, you’ll see parts of the neon “Crocket Hotel” sign showing too. It’s a rookie mistake which bugs me but in my defense, the area was full of people taking turns taking pictures and I was being polite and only spent 20 seconds setting up the shot and taking it and didn’t notice. If only I would have lowered my tripod a tiny bit, I could have not shown the sign. Perhaps in Photoshop I can fix it if I ever make prints. The Alamo at Night

Then there was the Riverwalk. Sure, it’s more of a canal, but it’s truly unique because it goes everywhere and is well maintained. For the holidays, all the trees around the Riverwalk had holiday lighting and I know from first hand experience how time consuming and hard that is. I might have to Photoshop the Crane in the Rita’s on the River picture below if I make prints.
RiverwalkSan Antonio Riverwalk

Another attraction in the plaza is the La Antorcha de la Amistad or “Torch of Friendship” which was a gift from Mexico for I assume a certain event at a certain place down the street. It’s also a great landmark in case you get lost and want to get your sense of direction back. As usual, the Twilight period is my favorite time to photograph.
La Antorcha de la AmistadLa Antorcha de la Amistad

The Riverwalk really deserves its own time and place to explore so if you do come to San Antonio, I highly recommend you spend the night.  This was the picture I had come to take.  Even cliche pictures can have a new twist.
San Antonio Riverwalk

This picture really took me by surprise. It just screams holidays.
Tower of The Americas


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