A few pictures of the Lunar Eclipse / Blood Moon over Sam Houston Statue

Sam Houston Under Blue MoonI’ve gone through great lengths over the years to find a nice bright foreground with the moon as the backdrop (while still using a long focal length to make the moon bigger, but as you can see from this blue moon picture I took a couple of years ago,the full moon is always brighter than anything I could throw in front of it it even with a flash. That’s of course, because it’s day time at the moon! The best chance for that is during a lunar eclipse but The last blood moon didn’t afford that opportunity because it was in the middle of the night. It’s because of this that I felt the photography gods were smiling on me (and another gentleman who was crazy enough to be out and about at 6 am taking pictures on the street) and because of the lunar eclipse, I finally could take a picture of the foreground and the moon at the same exposure! The extra dynamic range of the Nikon D610 also helped!

I was debating whether I should focus stack the pictures so that both the statue and the moon were in focus and I think I do like it much better that way. Nothing else was changed, but of course in the 2 seconds or so it took me to change the focus and re-shoot the image, the moon did move a tiny bit, but there really is no getting around it in order to get them all in focus. I could have shot it at f/22 and ISO 12200 (in order to keep a reasonable shutter speed) and it still wouldn’t have been enough. I’m happy.
Sam Houston Statue under Blood Moon

The rest of the images however are as-is.

Lunar Eclipse over Sam Houston Statue

Soon however I was rewarded for my deprivation of sleep and sitting on a street corner as the moon approached the horizon more and more:
Sam Houston Statue under Blood Moon

Lunar Eclipse over Sam Houston Statue

Here is one where the statue is in focus. Still debating whether I should do the focus stacking…
Lunar Eclipse over Sam Houston Statue


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