A few pictures of the 2014 Contemporary Art Fair

This blog post really is “a few” pictures for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not really a big fan of taking pictures of art work other people have created since I’m just riding on the back of their hard work. Second, I came here on the last day of the fair during the Texans’ season opener and during a massive rain storm and so there wasn’t much to photograph in the way of people and events. This art fair is different than most art crawls I go to in that most of the work is done by world renowned artists and the quality and name recognition of the work is very high. It’s like being in a museum where for the right price, you can point at something and nod your head and they’ll pack it up for you to take home.

While I wasn’t at the VIP party this year (last year, one of my photographs was used by one of the non-profit art groups so I was invited), rain or no rain, I wanted to go there.

I am a drawn to lights and color so this piece by Adela Andea covered both grounds.
Adela Andea Hyperion

I’m also a big fan of Carole Feuerman sculptures which may cost as much of a house, but holy crap they look realistic.
Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2014

Here is a bear rug with plants growing out of it, or something. It looks a lot cooler in person
Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2014

Cool Bookshelf
Texas Contemporary Art Fair 2014

And of course more light.
Adela Andea

2 thoughts on “A few pictures of the 2014 Contemporary Art Fair

  1. Wow ….Your sculptures are so realistic and I fall in love with them. Congratulations and best for your art show.
    Ray Signore

    1. I only took the picture and am not associated with the artist nor the exhibitor but I agree that they are amazing. Even more amazing in person!

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