A few pictures of the Houston Memorial Hermann Life Flight @memorialhermann

I was at a Hermann Park photowalk earlier this evening and wasn’t really sure what to photograph since I’ve taken pictures of the Sam Houston statue many times and the reflection pond isn’t all that interesting. While I was thinking of something to photograph, I heard a Mermorial Hermann Life Flight helicopter arriving on the roof of the Children’s Hospital (might be another roof). I couldn’t photograph it the first time because I had my ultra wide angle lens on the camera but as soon as I heard the engines of the next flight start up, I popped in my 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6 VR lens and went to work. My first attempt wasn’t great because my shutter speed was a bit too slow and I didn’t get a sharp picture so I bumped up the ISO and waited for the next flight.

I’m not sure how many flights these guys take but they were very busy tonight and it seemed like the two helicopters were coming and going every 10 minutes. On one hand, it’s bad that there are so many emergencies that require such transports; however, the bright side is that if there is a faster transport, I don’t know of it. I don’t know the first thing about aviation nor medicine (Dr. Google doesn’t count), but these guys don’t mess around. Landings and take-offs looked determined and smooth so to capture them required more skill than I thought.

Here is my second attempt.  I believe this one was taking off.
Memorial Hermann Life Flight

Here is the next one arriving

Memorial Hermann Life Flight

Memorial Hermann Life Flight


After sunset, I was waiting for twilight so I could take some pictures of the lake with low light but then I heard the engines of another flight coming in so in the dark, I had to hurry and put on the telephoto lens on again. This one is my favorite picture of the night. The ISO is at 4000 so it’s a little bit noisy (I cleaned some up) and it’s only at 98mm so it’s not zoomed in all the way, but overall, I think it captures the spirit of medical center at night. While most of the city is about to enjoy their Saturday night, there are people in the hospital beds, people getting treatments, doctors in surgery, and of course, Life Flight doing their best to give people a fighting chance.
Memorial Hermann Life Flight

And one more for good luck 🙂
Houston Medical Center

Edit 9/10/2014
I just happened to be in the area in the middle of the day and just happened to have my camera with me and got the picture below. It’s quite amazing to watch them come and go.
Memorial Hermann Life Flight


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