A Few Pictures of the 21st Houston Theater District Open House

I had so much fun at the 20th Theater District Open House last year that I decided to go to this year’s open house as well. It’s great to see behind the scenes tours and also photograph things that normally aren’t allowed to be photographed.

Like last year, I started the tour at the Hobby Center and saw a few musical numbers from Theater Under the Stars. Incidentally, if you’ve ever wondered why they call it that, just look up at the ceiling next time you’re there for a show.
Theater Under the Stars (TUTS) Musical Revue

Next, I went to Jones Hall. Last year, I took the backstage tour, but this year I really wanted to check out Kevin James of The Illusionists and it did not disappoint. I had never seen the act before so I wasn’t ready for some of the surprises but did manage to snap a few pictures. The act was so amazing that I mostly put the camera down and enjoyed the show.
Here he is after he accidentally chainsawed an orderly in half. It happens.
SPA presents The Inventor Kevin James of THE ILLUSIONISTS

The finale was gorgeous as he made it snow, but I don’t think my picture does it justice..mostly because I brought the 14-24mm lens with me and it wasn’t long enough.

SPA presents The Inventor Kevin James of THE ILLUSIONISTS

While at Jones Hall, I noticed that I had a great vantage point of Personage and Birds by Joan Miro. This didn’t have anything to do with the tour itself, but I’m not one to turn down an opportunity to take a picture of a colorful sculpture from a unique vantage point. I used the 85mm lens for this one. I took several pictures, but this one with the girl in it really puts the scale of the sculpture in perspective and her dress matches one of the colors in the art piece so I like this one the best.
Personage and Birds, Joan Miro,  Houston, Texas

The Alley Theater is under construction at the moment so their shows have moved to the University of Houston, but their volunteers and guides went absolutely out of their way to show the crowds behind the scenes tours on the 14th floor. I can’t stress enough how gracious they were, in particular one volunteer who gave me a personal tour so I would have unique pictures to put on here.

Here is the main area where they assemble the set. As you can see with the people there, this is an enormous work space.
Alley Theater's stage setup area

The set designers create magic with these brushes
Alley Theater's stage setup area

Next, I got to see the wardrobe design area. This is the actual Phantom of the Opera cape:
Alley Theater Costume Design area

Alley Theater Costume Design area

Alley Theater

Alley Theater

Alley Theater

If that wasn’t enough, I got to go on the balcony and look at the skyline. I’ve been on the street level looking up hundreds of times so this was a treat. This is a stitch of a few pictures.

Houston Theater District

View of Bayou Place. At a distance you can see the Galleria.
Bayou Place

I tried to find the lady who was my tour guide so I could thank her but she was helping some other people, but again, this was a treat. Next, I went to the Wortham Theater and missed the ballet show again this year. Still, not a total loss as I love this view of downtown from the lobby.

Wortham Theater Center

Time to go home
Virtuoso Sculpture


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