A few pictures of Tonight’s Super Moon over Williams Tower

The skies really had a lot of color and character.  I staked out a spot where I had a full view of the Transco tower, but unfortunately, I had to move since I guessed wrong about where the moon was going to come up.  I really need to study up on the motion of the moon so I can predict it better.  Ironically, if I would have stayed put, I might have been able to get the pictures after all later.  The goal like with most moon photography is to have an interesting foreground with the moon made to look as big as possible without resorting to cheating on photoshop.  The idea is to get as far as possible and use the longest focal length as possible.  This is easier said than done when there are so many buildings in the way.
Transco Tower

The second spot wasn’t going to work either.  I was in the middle of a city park and the moon was behind the trees, but this is what Bob Ross would call a “happy little accident” so I’ll take it:
Super Moon August 10, 2014

I finally found a decent spot, but it was still cloudy and I didn’t like the horizontal look.
Super Moon August 10, 2014

This looked good, but there were powerlines on the way.
Super Moon August 10, 2014

Finally! My favorite picture.
Super Moon August 10, 2014


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