Photos of some favorite quirky/artsy spots in Houston

The 36 foot tall statues of the Beatles by David Adickes in front of the Summer Street Studios. Unfortunately, the trees were in the way a bit from this angle that shows the downtown skyline.
36-Foot-Tall Statues Of The Beatles by David Adickes

Funny story, I had to put up my tripod on top of my car to try to get this shot in order to at least get a part of downtown in the picture. I also love how warm the light just before sunset is. It’s funny how the light before sunset is good for lighting a subject, but the light 20 minutes after sunset is great for backgrounds and the sky. Actual sunset is kind of useless.
36-Foot-Tall Statues Of The Beatles by David Adickes

The Wildlife Sanctuary sculpture in the Heights where it looks like a church is sinking into the ground (or coming out if you’re a glass half full kind of person)
Dan Havel, "Wildlife Sanctuary"

The Preservons la Creation mural that just became unveiled. It’s a really big mural.

"Preservons la Creation" by Sebastien "Mr. D" Boileau

Plensa’s Mirror sculpture on the Rice University campus. Somehow this got over 4000 views on my flickr page and I have no idea where or how.
Plensa’s ‘Mirror’ sculpture

James Turrell’s “Twilight Epiphany” Skyspace on the Rice University campus
James Turrell’s “Twilight Epiphany”  Skyspace

Not art per se, but I love that rotating electric guitar over the Hard Rock Cafe with the Bank of America Center (4th largest downtown building) in the background. The Bank of America center itself is pretty unique looking too.
Hard Rock Cafe guitar

Wider shot
Hard Rock Cafe guitar

St. John church in Sam Houston Park. Very old church surrounded by massive modern skyscrapers is pretty interesting (to me at least).
50th Annual Candlelight Tour In Houston, Texas

“The Esplanade at Navigation” has a giant anchor in the esplanade. The reason for it is to acknowledge the importance of the city and the bayou and the Ship Channel.

The Esplanade at Navigation

The Esplanade at Navigation

The Houston ship channel has yucky water, stinky air, and smoke in the air, but the Fred Hartman Bridge sticks out as a work of beauty
Fred Hartman Bridge

Market Square Park in downtown has the Points of View sculpture
Back to the Future!


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