A few pictures from the 2014 #Menilfest

Lots of Festivals are going on in town this weekend – iFest and Polish Festival to name a couple but I decided to go to Menilfest instead. What is Menilfest you ask? Well, good question. I read the webpage, menilfest.com and I still wasn’t sure but this has been going on for over 5 years now under a different name and I may have come to it before and didn’t realize it. Anyway, it’s a free event in the Menil campus to promote arts, indie literature, yada yada yada. I enjoy most of that, but I try to go to events to watch people and if possible, take a few interesting pictures.

The event was a lot smaller than I expected, but I think lack of parking has something to do with it this year. The main parking lot for the Menil was closed due to construction and so all the side streets were full. Also, the event could make more effort to make things more interesting by having more general interest performances. When I got there, they had little kids coming to read a few lines of poetry. For the kids involved and their parents, this is absolutely adorable and cute but not all that interesting for everybody else. Sorry. There were also many tables set up with self published authors and other literature centered vendors. Some were a little too aggressive on wanting to start a conversation about their books so if that’s your thing, you’d love it.

Menilfest 2014

Inprint was there to type up a poem for you using something called a “typewriter”. I was pretty impressed by that. You would just tell them a theme and they’d think of a poem to type up on the spot without google. Myself, I have bad memories of having to type up 3 page reports on 5 line poems in college literature so poetry is really not my thing but for the rug rats, this is great.
Menilfest 2014

I hate to be sneaky but there was a picture to be taken here so I did. Unfortunately, I had to crop the picture in order to remove a lady’s behind on the right side which is why you don’t see the dog’s entire tail. You couldn’t see her face anyway but it would have been distracting.
Menilfest 2014

After about a half hour, I saw all that I came to see so I decided to go in the museum and check out a couple of new exhibits before leaving. Of course, there is no photography allowed there so I put my camera gear in the bag before going in. The Menil Collection is a Houston treasure and rules are rules.

As I was getting ready to leave, I saw some drums being set up and since love capturing performances whether it’s a concert or just random people banging on drums in a drum circle, I decided to hang around and see. This one was led by Samuel Dinkins, III and the Dinky Drum Company. They need more things like this and this could be a pretty serious festival. Photographywise, this was 2 pm with really harsh sunline mixed in with shade. With the D610, no problem, lift shadows where needed and suppress highlights where needed.

Menilfest 2014

Menilfest 2014

Menilfest 2014

Menilfest 2014


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