Photographs of Fred Hartman Bridge with the Nikon D90


My fascination with bridges continued this past weekend as I went to a photowalk in Baytown (or was it LaPorte?) to take pictures of the imposing Fred Hartman Bridge. Unlike most other bridge pictures I’ve taken, this one is pretty much out in the middle of nowhere in the Ship Channel where the only things you see are oil refineries and such so I was happy to go with a group and not just be out on my own in darkness. Since I don’t own the D600 anymore, I took my old D90 with me and have to admit, I felt a bit inadequate even though the D90 and I had taken many pictures (about 36,000) which at the time looked very good, but the camera IS 5.5 years old and at least 2 generations behind the times.

I had been spoiled with the amount of detail the D600 sensor captured and for long exposures, the mirror up mode was something I really missed with the D90. The dynamic range was not that big of an issue on that particular day so I’m happy with the long exposure shots I got. I just knew that with 12 MP’s on a cropped sensor, I wanted to do my best to compose the shots as tightly as possible to preserve every bit of the sensor’s surface area as possible where as with the D610, I would leave a little more wiggle room for cropping to different sizes later. I think the old D90 did very well with my high end Nikkor lenses.

Fred Hartman Bridge

Fred Hartman Bridge

In case you’re wondering, this is exactly how the sky looked. I guess with all the factories, the sky has a nice deep color!

On the way back, I saw this reflection and had to stop to take a quick snapshot.
Fred Hartman Bridge

On another note, I met a D610 owner and chit chatted. She told me she had not seen any spots on her sky pictures. That is a good sign.


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