So long Nikon D600, wish we’d end on better terms.

I no longer own the D600. I won’t get into details but I am once again in search of a full frame camera. I wish it wouldn’t have worked out this way because the D600 had so much potential and could have been as dear to owners as the D80 and D90 were; however, I couldn’t deal with the sensor spots anymore despite attempts at fixing the issue by Nikon. To Nikon’s credit, even though at first they denied the problem and were giving me a hard time about shipping, since the issue became news, they were paying for shipping to send it back.

So where to go from here? Probably the D610. I don’t see myself getting the Df because I don’t care about the retro look nor the big price. For that amount, I’d get the D800 and put up with the 36MP’s. Even with its faults, the D600 was the best choice at that price range. For people who are buying the refurbished ones, they get a great deal but they probably have to deal with the issues I dealt with. Still, for $1400, dealing with cleanings would be worth it. I just couldn’t do it anymore given how much I paid.

Anyway, this is what the D600 can do when it’s clean:

Austin Skyline

The Esplanade at Navigation

Dockdogs at Discovery Green Park 2013

Australia's Strange Fruit

San Jacinto Monument

Wortham Theater Center

Colonel Paddlewheel Boat

36th Annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park


Houston Skyline at Night

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas

Waugh Street Bridge Bat Colony

Walter “Wolfman” Washington and the Roadmasters

Buffalo Bayou Regatta 2013 (also known as Reeking Regatta)

Hard Rock Cafe guitar

Uptown Park Holiday Lighting


4 thoughts on “So long Nikon D600, wish we’d end on better terms.

  1. Interesting….just had my D600 sensor cleaned before the 1 year guarantee expired. OK so far but I am assuming your spots came back after a first clean? I wrote to Nikon suggesting they might do some preferential exchange deal for a D610 but needless to say they declined. Great photos – will be interested to know what you think of the D610 if that’s what you decide on.

    1. For me, initially the D600 had A LOT of dust spots brand new. I mean a crazy amount. Nikon cleaned it and it was nice for a while but they came back though not as much, but I had to clean it before important shoots or when I knew I would be stopping down. Some people can deal with it but I just couldn’t and before my warranty ran out, I sent it in again where they did more major work and put in a new shutter and again, for a while it looked like it would be ok, but then there were many spots showing up in the same spots and some unfamiliar ones that I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to edit out. I just couldn’t deal with it anymore, but that’s not to say the D600 can’t take great pictures. The sensor on it was brilliant.

      I’m back with my D90 now and just don’t have the same confidence I had with the D600. With the D600’s sensor, I knew I could face any situation whether itw was ISO 100 in bright light or ISO 6400 in a dim place handheld. I’m sure the D610 will be exactly the same in that regard.

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