Photographs of the Bridges of Harris County…and Rest of Texas

There are only so many pictures of holiday decorations that I can stand so I wanted to get out and take a picture of something else. There isn’t a whole lot going on though with people traveling for the holidays and such so I decided to hunting for a new subject. Bill Coats Bike Bridge in Hermann Park dubbed “The Bridge to Somewhere” is brand new so I thought I’d venture out there on Christmas eve and take a picture of it. How exciting can a bridge look though? Actually, for a small bridge, it’s not bad at all and is up there with my favorite bridge pictures (yes, that’s a thing for me).

So here is the last picture I took.
Bill Coats bike bridge

The bridge is surprisingly stable and didn’t vibrate even with people running on it.
Bill Coats bike bridge

Here is another view earlier And a nice view of the Mosiac Condos whose residents undoubtedly use this bridge.
The Mosiac

This is my favorite picture
Bill Coats bike bridge

Other older bridge pictures: Waugh bridge’s bat colony
Waugh Street Bridge Fun

Waugh Street Bridge Bat Colony

Sabine Street Bridge:
Sabine Street Bridge

Rosemont Bridge:
Houston Skyline at Night

Ok, this one is in Dallas, but still my favorite bridge picture I’ve taken due to the difficulty level of getting there:

Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in DallasUpdated bridges 🙂

Updated pictures since original publishing:
Fred Hartman Bridge in Baytown/Laporte:
Fred Hartman Bridge

Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas (also known as the Loop 360 bridge)
The Pennybacker Bridge at sunset

The Pennybacker Bridge in Austin, Texas

1st street Bridge in Austin
Austin Skyline

Preston Ave. Bridge in Houston, Texas
Preston Ave Bridge over Buffalo Bayou at the Wortham

Pedestrian Bridge near Police Officer’s Memorial in Houston
Pedestrian Bridge on Buffalo Bayou Park Hike and Bike Trail


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