Pictures from the 51st Annual Heritage Society Candlelight Tour

Once again, I find it kind of humorous that for a person who isn’t really that big on the holidays, I have kept certain traditions that I don’t miss this time of the year. This time, it was the annual Heritage Society Candlelight Tour at Sam Houston Park. In fact, I had the honor of being the official photographer for the event and many of my pictures were used in their programs and other promotions! It’s one thing to just be a random guy at an event without any expectations and snap a few good pictures like I did at the Uptown Holiday Lighting, but I take a lot of pride in being given media access and know that many volunteers and dedicated people have prepared for an event. As such, I tried my best to capture their work. This year, the event started on Saturday so I got there early and even had a friend help with my gear and had a personal escort to the houses before the crowds got there. Our goal was to capture the character actors and I had a lot of fun! I highly recommend this event for families.

This was in the Nichols-Rice-Cherry House
51st Annual Candlelight Tour

Once again, the Houston Boychoir and their teachers (or is it conductors?) were excellent.
51st Annual Candlelight Tour

51st Annual Candlelight Tour

More actors at the Yates House

51st Annual Candlelight Tour

Despite the cold wind, the crowds were showing up

51st Annual Candlelight Tour

I should buy an old timey hat
51st Annual Candlelight Tour

I would have liked to have another angle, but there was a bright lamp post on camera left that would have caused havoc and would have been very distracting.
51st Annual Candlelight Tour

I also decided to come back the following day at sunset. Unfortunately, I had the camera on JPG for some reason so I couldn’t edit the pictures much. Still, my in camera settings were pretty close. I just like to pull out more detail out of the buildings.

Day 2

Candlelight Tour, Day 2


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