Photographs from the Montrose Crawl Halloween 2013

Nothing terribly exciting about these pictures. I was out with some people so I decided to just put on my 50mm f/1.4D lens on the D600 to stay unassuming and have the f/1.4 aperture. Having access to both f/1.4 and ISO 6400 of the D600 gave me pretty much night vision. Most of the time I stayed less than ISO 3200 and lower. I used the popup flash for a few pictures which is very nice to have. I wasn’t hired to do any shoots so they’re mostly snapshots of random people, but a couple of times I was interacting with them and asking them to pose. Love this part of town around Halloween.

Halloween on Westheimer


Halloween on Westheimer

The common theme in the bars was that they were overcrowded and damn near impossible to even order a drink
Halloween on Westheimer

Etro Lounge
Etro Lounge

Bob Ross

Say Anything Guy


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