Reflections – Photographs of a couple of famous reflection pools in the Houston area

I really need to come up with more original names for my posts. Last week I decided to photograph the San Jacinto Monument in Laporte, Texas. It’s a famous landmark to honor those who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto (google it if you’re interested) and compared to the usual urban photography I do, it’s out in the middle of nowhere- well, if you consider oil refineries and shipping ports nowhere. Even though a storm was coming and creating waves, it is a very peaceful place to reflect on history and your own thoughts.

San Jacinto Monument

Don’t let the wide angle shot fool you, this thing is ginormous. Taller than the Washington Monument even. Here it is zoomed in from far. Zooming in has the effect of compressing the image, but you can clearly see how small the people look. I really like these two pictures which I took last. It was cloudy behind me and the light let in just enough to light up the monument.

San Jacinto Monument

Here it is up front and personal using a wide angle lens. Very different look to it isn’t it? If I had a tilt-shift lens, it’d look even more different. I love this shot too.

San Jacinto Monument

You can take the elevator ($4) all the way up there too and can even see Battleship Texas if you zoom in. I wish they’d clean the glass better though. I’m not too proud of this pic.

Battleship Texas

The reflection pool I see much more often is the one in Hermann Park. Here are a couple of pictures I took this morning. This is much smaller, but it’s inside the city so the feel is very different.

Hermann Park Reflection Pool

Hermann Park Reflection Pool


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