A couple of snapshots of the Funnel Tunnel sculpture on Montrose

I’ve still been very busy so haven’t had too much time to get out and shoot but stopped by the Funnel Tunnel sculpture on Montrose blvd. for a few minutes to snap a few pictures of this monstrosity (heh get it, Montrose, monstrosity…ah forget it). The sculpture is Commissioned by Art League Houston and constructed by Patrick Renner. It’s supposed to be up August 2013 through April 2014 so look it while you can. I wish the city would modify their ordinance on this sort of thing so it wouldn’t need to be temporary – perhaps make the time longer as long as someone can maintain it, but as it stands, this will be gone in 8 months.

Photographing this is not that hard, but the problem is there is no spot lights or additional lighting at all on it. What ends up happening is in order to get it to show, you really have to use a long exposure (or raise your ISO, etc) which in turn raises the overall exposure of the street. It’s not bad, but I’ll come back to this.

Funnel Tunnel

I think the bump in the street helps this picture with the tail light and adds more chaos to the picture. I also like the street light starburst at the end of the tail. I actually did this on purpose.
Funnel Tunnel

As you can see from the above pictures and as mentioned, there is no light added to the sculpture so I decided to take 3 pictures using my off camera flash and combine the pictures to give the effect of using 3 lights. This is something that can easily be done when the subject isn’t moving. Think of it as light painting. The result is that the overall “volume” of light in the surroundings went down and the subject is more clear and the colors punch out.

Funnel Tunnel


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