Dwight Howard welcomed to Houston- Photographs from @dwighthoward rally

Coach Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard
It was a hot day today in Houston; Really hot with barely a cloud in the sky. Still, many diehard Houston Rockets fans stood in the middle of the hot street at high noon in front of the Toyota Center and waited for over 3 hours to greet the newest Rockets big man Dwight Howard. It’s a good feeling to be optimistic about the upcoming NBA season! Getting James Harden was really what started this latest run and got us into the playoffs last year, but now we are legitimately a contender.

Did I mention it was really really hot? I guess the Rockets spent all their money on Dwight and the $150,000 fine the NBA game them because they didn’t even have free water there! Still, totally worth it.

This kid stood in the heat like a champ and even got to be on TV and get up on stage to dance.
Dwight Howard Rally

The Press Conference inside was delayed so Clutch came out to keep the crowd from revolting. Some people think that making a living by being in a bear suit and around NBA players and cheerleaders is easy work, but if you knew how hot it was today, you’d know that that bear earned his paycheck today.
Clutch the Bear entertaing the crowd in the heat

The crowd begged for water, or for one of the outdoor AC/fans to be pointed at them instead of the large bald man sitting in the VIP tent, but instead they got free T-shirts
Dwight Howard Rally

At last, the big man arrived!
Coach Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard

Oh and one Mr. Hakeem Olajuwon was there too!
Coach Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard

I really wish I knew what joke Coach McHale told Dwight.
Coach Kevin McHale and Dwight Howard

By now, the VIP members got in front of us poor folk and were blocking my view, but I think this is my favorite picture as both a Rockets fan and a Houston Cougar Alumnus. Here you have the legendary Hakeem Olajuwon along with Elvin Hayes, Yao Ming, Ralph Sampson, and Dwight Howard on one stage. Clyde Drexler was there too but unfortunately I missed the picture.

Dwight Howard Rally

There is the picture honoring the Rockets’ big-men.
Dwight Howard Rally

I have a good feeling about this year…a lot of buzz in the air.
Dwight Howard Rally

This wasn’t the first time I got to photograph Hakeem the Dream Olajuwon. In 2008, they built a monument to honor him and even though I was using my D40 and kit zoom lens, and shooting jpgs, I think my pictures were better then. Of course, they were smart enough to hold that event in the late afternoon in April instead of July at noon.

Hakeem the Dream


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