Photographs from the 4th of July fireworks at Hermann Park in Houston

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

There is always a picture that stands out from every shoot. The above picture is the one from last night. Warm colors go very well with darkness and I think the shutter speed of 1/20 of a second was just fine here. In my Bad 4th of July Photography, an Expert Tutorial posting last year, I mentioned that in order to have good fireworks pictures, you need to have a compelling foreground or else you will end up with bland and generic pictures without any context or story. It also helps greatly if that foreground has its own lighting so that it will show up in the picture.

The Sam Houston statue in Hermann Park was perfect for this purpose. The downtown Freedom Festival fireworks show is of course the biggest show in the city but I am a bit tired of the generic fireworks in front of skyscrapers look and wanted to get closer and offered to volunteer as a photographer but never heard back from them either. Sure, it’s a little bit disheartening to not even be able to give away my photography skills for free especially since they have been spamming my Facebook constantly for volunteers in other areas for three months straight, but there are always other games in town and the show at the Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park is just as worthy.

The only criticism that I have for the Miller Outdoor Theater fireworks show is that it starts way too late. The actual show starts at 8:30 PM but the fireworks show doesn’t happen until almost 10:30 PM so for many people, especially those with children, it’s too late. For my own selfish photography purposes, I think about a half-hour after sunset is the perfect time to get a deep blue sky with fireworks and still a little bit of ambient light left to capture the foreground. from a practical sense, there were no portable bathrooms so those with kids either let their kids urinate out in public, or left. Not everybody there was there to watch the symphony either so for those in the outlying areas like myself (with a great view of fireworks by the way), waiting was the hardest part.

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

This poor guy and the above and below pictures, waited until 10 PM until his kids forced him to go home and he missed the show. I think he wins the father of the year award.
4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

Considering this is the small show in town, there was a sea of people press far as the eyes could see.
4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

FINALLY! The 3 1/2 hour waiting paid off! I got the exact pictures I was hoping to get.

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park

4th of July Celebration at Hermann Park


9 thoughts on “Photographs from the 4th of July fireworks at Hermann Park in Houston

  1. Hello there! I was the shooter of this show. I wish we could have started sooner as well, believe me! My crew and I weren’t able to get much footage of this show so thank you for the excellent shots!

      1. Oh no, I am not a photographer. I am a firework pyrotechnic operator, as in I shoot (fire) professional fireworks.

      2. Yes, the view from my seat is amazing! I don’t get the best pictures with my camera phone though. I read here you go to UH, so do I.

  2. Are any of these photos of 4th of July at Hermann for sale? We traveled in from Louisiana and are the family sitting next to the man who won father of the year! We weren’t able to get many good shots.

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