I for one love the new @flickr look. Good job guys.

Flickr and I have had a love hate relationship over the years. I love their photography related groups and have met some wonderful photographers both online and in real life. Where else can you talk shop with photography legends like David Hobby? The part that I have never liked about flickr is their look. It just looks very outdated. They also don’t have enough tools for uploading/downloading or organizing pictures beyond the sets and groups. Perhaps this is done on purpose so the site is not mistaken for a backup site.

They also don’t have a portfolio maker so all the pictures you have are basically out there. Sure, you can make sets and such but it would be nice to be able to go to flickr.com/xxxxxuser/portfolio and just show your best stuff. Perhaps this is also done on purpose so the site is not mistaken for a professional photographer’s webpage and instead more of an everyday down to earth photographer.

The last major update they had was 3 years ago or so which really did very little to address what was wrong with the site and upon complaining in the help forum with someone who was friends with the staff, I was given a permanent timeout at which time I swore to never pay them for a Pro Account and for the most part, I have been ok with the old free account since I can link to my pictures on here and they still can be viewed even though on the actual site, only the last 200 were visible. I mean, it’s free and it’s always there so what’s there to bitch about?

I was also posting my best pictures on 500px because they have a much more modern look but no real community. They also have a portfolio for their super dooper accounts (whatever they call it) but I haven’t been too impressed by the look so I’ve held off. Yesterday, flickr announced their big change and it’s very similar to 500px’s look so I’m happy. Added to that is I get 1 TB of storage for free now and all my old pictures are back to life.

There will be complainers I’m sure, but I’m convinced that many early flickr users, especially the regulars to the flickr specific groups who may have known the original staff members are just upset that they no longer have any power and are just another user. Honestly, I never see any of them in the photography groups so they just like to brag about how much they know about the internal workings of flickr. Give it up guys and just go out and take pictures.

The pro plan is now $50 for the same 1 TB but without ads and a few other extras like stats. The next tear jumps up to $500 for 2 TB. Seems steep but if you’re the type to post 1 TB of JPGs, it’s probably worth it to you. Most people won’t get beyond 100 GB and that’s probably a good thing because if you’re posting 1 TB of pictures, they’re either not good, or you are using flickr as your main backup.

So in conclusion, thanks flickr. You finally are turning yourself around and may live to see another day. Check out my flickr at http://www.flickr.com/coogie


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