Houston skyline, for the hell of it

I am addicted to taking long exposure night pictures of the Houston Skyline.   I have pretty much most angles of it from the ground and have perfected my methodology each time.   When I first got my first DSLR, I tried handholding it but it didn’t work.  Then I discovered using the tripod and using Aperture Priority mode and was shocked at how great the pictures came out.  Then I discovered shooting in raw and fixing the white balance.  Then I found out that if I shot it in manual mode, I would have better control.  Next I upgraded my lenses and got an ultra wide angle lens and then a better one.    Now days I’m focused much more on stabilization.  I use my heavy tripod, remote shutter (or delay if I don’t have a shutter), and mirror up mode.   It’s the difference between a sharp picture (see last picture) and ultra sharp picture (see front 3)

Houston Skyline at Night

Houston Skyline at Night

Finally, I think this was the perfect time. Sky is a deep steel blue. Any longer than this and the sky would be pitch black and the yellow street lights would overpower everything in the foreground.

Houston Skyline at Night

This was taken in 2011 with my older Nikon D90 and 14-24mm f/2.8 lens. I like these…still, even when using the same techniques, the D600 does a much better job I think.

Tranquility Park in Houston

Taken with my D90 and 10-20mm Sigma f/4-5.6

Sabine Street Bridge


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