Pictures from a day trip to Bryan College Station



It occurred to me that I had never been to the Bryan/College Station area and with gorgeous weather, I decided to take up the opportunity to go see.   The drive it self is very fast as exhibited in the above picture found out.  Most of the freeway there is 75 MPH but there is a nice officer waiting just around the time the speed limit drops.  Too late for Mr. Armadillo. (for the record, it was found this way)

Unfortunately, to the naked eye, there wasn’t much to photograph on the trip.  It’s just a freeway and private ranches except I saw cars pulled over with people running in a field taking pictures of wild flowers.   Some poor soul lost their keys there…*insert needle in a hay stack joke here*.

Open Field

Open Field

I really tried to take at least a single picture in College Station but I could not find anything remotely interesting to the naked eye.  The city of course revolves around Texas A&M and on the day I was there, there was a Maroon/White game so University Ave. was full of Maroon shirts.   Without a parking pass, I didn’t want to risk getting towed so I didn’t go on campus where there would be things to photograph.   Once you get past the Dixie Chicken and the other bars on the block near the university, the rest of College Station however was mostly chain restaurants and looked like any other suburb.

It was then recommended to go see downtown Bryan, Texas.  At first I thought “I just drove 93 miles, I hope it’s not too far”, but just 10 minutes away there is a little gem of old time Texas with a modern flare.   Very similar to the Heights area of Houston and I suppose Austin…though Austin doesn’t own the patent to charming sidewalks.

They have wine bars, street art, bands, Salsa, performing arts…you name it.  The people from the vendors, to the shop owners, to random folks on the street (Shoutout to the super friendly girl with the “Keep Waco Wacko” shirt) were absolutely pleasant and friendly.   After our little photo walk when I got to my car, I noticed my car’s window had been open the whole time.   Did they get to the trunk and steal my telephoto lens?? Did they open the door and take things?  Nope.   Not a thing was touched.  Bryan, Texas, you’re alright.  I highly recommend it for anybody from the area to take a road trip there with your kids, sweetheart, or just you and a camera.

Downtown Bryan, Texas


Downtown Bryan, Texas

Downtown Bryan, Texas


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