The calm after the storm

The Sam Houston Statue near Hermann Park is one the subjects that I never tire of photographing. In particular, I love the subject for sky pictures whether it was the Blue Moon a few months ago, or clouds moving away after a storm like today.

Sam Houston Under Blue Moon
My main goal was to do a timelapse video of the sun going down with the clouds moving and for the first time I used my old D90 and an intervalometer. I have not had time to make the video out of those yet but I was panning the pictures during some points and since I didn’t have an automated way of doing that, it may have been a mistake
Doing timelapse

While the timelapse was going on, I used the D600 to also snap a few pictures
Sam Houston Statue

Right before I left, I used the 14-24mm which was on the D90 and put it on the D600 and got this shot. I love the way the sky looks here.
Sam Houston Statue


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