An afternoon at Brazos Bend Park

With the nice clear and cool weather we’ve had, I wanted to finally make it to Brazos Bend Park. My only knowledge of the park was that it’s full of poisonous snakes, gators, and beautiful birds. Not wanting to go somewhere that might get me in trouble, I decided to join the “NATURALPERL” PHOTO-WALKS 2013 . Confession: I was off by a month and thought we were doing bird photography, but it was actually landscapes. Fortunately I brought my 14-24mm lens with me too.

The hike is actually a real hike. We walked a total of 5 miles round trip which may not seem like much but with a heavy tripod, camera and two pro lenses, it adds up so it’s not for the faint of heart and those with physical limitations need to pack accordingly. For the $7 entry fee to the park (the actual photowalk is free thanks to volunteers), it is highly rewarding and you’ll feel good afterwards and definitely learn new tricks and a new way of seeing things.

In our particular walk, there was not anything dramatic to photograph- no big beautiful birds, no momma bear and her cubs, no gators, etc. That’s a challenge because with some types of photography the subject is given to you. In portraits for example, you have a person you have to photograph and make look beautiful; When shooting a landmark like the Space Needle, you don’t have to look too hard. Out in the woods however, your eyes have to be open for anything that might catch the eye and you have to work hard to see whether the lighting and composition can be right to make it a photograph rather than a snapshot of a tree.

This one has the sun behind it and I loved the fine moss (or whatever it’s called) on all the branches that made it glow. Fortunately with my D600, I have plenty of dynamic range to capture it the way my eyes saw it and not just a silhouette the way I might have done it before.
Backlit Tree

Being a windy day, I tried to capture the motion of the moss in the wind. I like the colors in this one but not sure how others would like it:
We are all moss in the wind

I failed to capture how magnificent this tree was:
Brazos Bend Park

Brazos Bend Park
Laszlo breaking out the large format camera
Brazos Bend Park


On the way back I stopped by the nature center which was mostly back and heard the Brazos River Pickers playing. I can’t resist people photography.
Brazos River Pickers

And one last one for the road:



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