Black and White photography with the old D90

I’m a color photographer and since I see the world in color try to capture the colors the best that I can, but sometimes, black and white creates a much better mood and feeling in a picture and removes clutter. I took out the D90 to a museum tour this past weekend while the D600 is still at Nikon and wasn’t sure what there was to photograph given the Menil doesn’t allow photography but I didn’t want to see something photography worthy and not have my camera with me.

Near Menil Park
I hate taking pictures of people without their permission, but this fellow had a long beard and walking stick like a wizard so I had to include him in the picture. My basic rule for street photography is not to invade people’s personal space and privacy unless they’re exhibiting something so I don’t think I’ve violated that rule too much here since the person is not completely recognizable and it’s a wide shot to where he is not the only point of interest.

Picture below is just a reflection pond. I could take it or leave it.
Near Menil Park


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