Lights in the Heights pictures – taken with the Nikon D600

DSC 1908 from Arie on Vimeo.

Sometimes a photograph alone isn’t enough to capture the essence of an event and video is handy. I have no idea what the history of the Lights in the Heights is in Houston, but it sounds like another excuse to get out and party. The difference is that this is in the residential area which from an outsider’s point of view looks like the suburbs. Except the Heights is right next to downtown and has both history and its own vibe. In a way it’s the ultimate anti-suburbs.

Some houses look like a night club
Lights in the Heights

Other houses sing traditional X-mas songs.
Lights in the Heights

Others have bands:
Lights in the Heights

Not quite sure what this was about:

Lights in the Heights

And dancing in the streets:
Lights in the Heights

Good job Heights. Have I mentioned how great the D600 is in low light and high ISO’s? Most of these were shot at ISO 6400 with the 24-70mm f/2.8


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