Pictures from Houston Via Colori 2012

First, my daily rant regarding the Nikon D600 sensor dust issue. The good news is that I was able to blow off most of the dust with canned air. This appears to be a solution for the replacement but it was’t working for the other one I had returned. It really is a great camera and I have to thank BH Photo Video for being so patient with me. I highly recommend them as my go-to camera shop. They along with every other seller now has $100 off the camera this week too.

All Nikon had to do when this problem first surfaced was to acknowledge it, say what serial numbers were affected, and provide a free solution whether in a DIY kit, or to pay for the shipping back for a cleaning/parts replacement as needed and perhaps lose some money. Being stubborn (or perhaps a cultural thing), Nikon did not do that and ironically, they are losing $100 now per sale. My guess is offering free shipping labels and cleanings would have cost them much less than that with bulk shipping rates and their in-house staff. The bigger benefit would have been their good name would be in tact. It is not anymore I assure you.

Onward to Via Colori!
After the great day of shooting I had with the 24-70mm on Saturday’s Art Crawl, I was tempted to take that again, but Via Colori is different and it’s in downtown in cramped spaces. Because of that, my weapons of choice were the mighty 14-24mm f/2.8 lens along with the hunk of metal known as the 80-200mm f/2.8 and the 50m f/1.4. Just in case my back and shoulders weren’t going to be sore, I brought my Bogen monopod as well. I thought about bringing a flash with me or the shaded areas, but instead decided to just rely on available light and use the D600’s incredible dynamic range to lift up shadows. I was very pleased at how the D600 turned bad light into good.

This fellow was using dust on car’s windows as a medium. I cracked myself up when I thought that maybe all that dust is from D600’s that are returned to Nikon for cleaning, but then I am a nerd.
Via Color 2012

This picture is severely overblown but the D600 recovered detail from the highlights rather well. Also, it occurred to me that the Houston City Hall building kind of looks like a giant…well, use your imagination.
Houston City Hall

This looks like an average picture, but remember, this is downtown. The buildings cast a large shadow on the foreground, but the background had full daylight. My D90 would have chocked on this kind of difference in lighting, but the D600 evened it out a lot like the human eyes would. This is a great camera once the dust is out.
Via Color 2012

Same here. The lighting could not have been more harsh, but that extra 3 EV’s of dynamic range come in handy:
Via Color 2012

And here:
Via Color 2012

This one is sort of a giant fail on my part. They have a mural on the street that takes up the entire block. No wide angle lens on the planet can get it all without going on the roof. They had scaffolding set up but the middle part was open. I tried to do a stitch but without the middle, it didn’t work. I should have just used my mono-pod to lift up the camera on a timer and take a series from the ground, but by then, my shoulders were gone and it wasn’t as if anybody was paying me so I decided to take my chance with the scaffolding.
Via Color 2012

I suppose I could have just stayed in one location on the scaffolding and had an extreme angle type of stitch too but hind sight is 20/20. That is now all washed away so I’ll wait till next year.

I never get tired of skyline pictures:

Via Color 2012

Here is the KIPP school dancers or something rather. The ultra wide would have been helpful if they were closer to me.
Via Color 2012

Via Color 2012

Please excuse the last post..somehow I had a hacker on here.


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