Is Nikon starting to listen to D600 customer complaints? Sort of. @nikonusa

So far Nikon has been dead silent on the oil spot/ dust issues that many customers have had.  I have not seen anything like this in the camera world.  The D800 had some issues with left focusing which Nikon begrudgingly admitted to and offered a fix, but I have not seen customers be so angry at Nikon over one particular model the way I have seen them do so with the D600.   Someone even started an online petition.

My feeling from the beginning was that the D600 was needlessly crippled even before the oil spots/dust issues came to light.  The most baffling one was that in video mode, there was no way to change the aperture while shooting nor was there a way to do it in video mode.  One would have to stop shooting, change the mode to picture, and then change the aperture.   And then there was sensor spots.

Fortunately, Nikon who has not admitted any fault in anything regarding the D600 (and rarely for anything else) is coming up with a firmware update that will fix the aperture bug.  They call it a bug now but my feeling is that if there wasn’t such an uproar by the more serious camera review videos like Chris Niccolls ThecamerastoreTV fame did (see video below), they might have not have fixed this: Cut to 3:15 when he tries to change the aperture and yells out”Damn it! It’s stupid!”. Yes, it is stupid indeed.

I can’t remember them on top of my head but I think a few others who are not associated with Nikon mentioned this problem too.  Which is good.   The more reputable photographers and reviewers point out bugs, the better off consumers are.

With the image sensor issue however, I am just an amateur photographer with a no-name blog that a very few people get to read.  The problem is that a lot of the other photographers who got cameras to review were pros so they’re shooting with their D800, D3s, and D4’s and they’ve more than likely sent their review D600’s back.   If they still have it, it would be really great if they can do another test shoot at f/8-f-22 – with sky shots or other neutral backgrounds and see how many dust particles they see.   I’m looking at you Fro (Jared Polin), Kai from DigitalRevTV, and others.

D600 Sensor Dust Example


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