Second Camera Body Debate is Over: Yes, You Need One…or not.

Before getting the D600, I was wondering whether I should keep my old D90. It’s still a great camera, but in all likelyhood, the D600 would be what I would use more often. Last week when I sent the D600 for an exchange because of its the dust/oil spots however, it became clear how important having a 2nd body is. I have my niece’s birthday coming up and won’t get my new $2100 camera with me there so at least I can have the D90.

Last night was another event that Yelp had and so I took the D90 and a 50mm f/1.4D lens with me and just took available light pics. These are ok pictures, but I have to say I was missing the D600. Interestingly, I was chatting with the photographer hired to do the event who was shooting with a 5D Mark II and it was just sad to have to explain what happened with the D600. Nikon, your good name is very damaged.

Latin Bites Peruvian Cafe

Pisco Sours here:
Pisco Sours @ Latin Bites Peruvian Cafe

The other question is what lens combination to use on the two cameras. If both were full frame, it would be easier, but having one FX and one DX camera introduces some issues due to the crop factor. I am leaning towards using the 24-70mm on the D600 and the 85mm 1.8 on the D90. That would give me a very nice range from wide to short telephoto, and the f/1.8 on the D90 would be a sort of an equalizer for the older sensor on the D90. In effect it would be getting that stop and a half back. For more serious shoots with a little more light available, I could use the 80-200 on the D90, but one reason I have decided to keep the 85mm 1.8 is that it is so light.

Another combination for certain events would be to put the 14-24mm on the D600 for ultra wide and 24-70 on the D90 to get a little more reach and the extra magnification on the D90 would come in handy.

If it’s very low light and I just want general shooting without flash, perhaps I can just take the D600 and the 50mm f/1.4 prime and keep the D90 at home.

You see, having a second body is great. It can act as a second body to expand your range, or just a backup in case things go wrong….like they have with the D600 right off the bat.

*edit* 9/13/2014
I thought I’d update this blog as I’ve seen some recent hits on it. Once I went through my D600 issues and returned it and got the D610, I saw that my D90 was just sitting in the airtight case (I don’t like to leave cameras out in dust) and except for using it to make some timelapses now and then, really wasn’t getting used much as I really liked the D610’s quality more. As such, I decided to sell it while it still had some value to someone and got a whole $200 for it. I’m happy because it has a good home now and hey, $200 is $200 that went towards my D610 and other lens purchases.


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