Nikon still denying dust/oil spot on the sensor problem on the Nikon D600 @nikonusa

I love this time of the year when the days are shorter, the weather has cooled off, and people are out and about outside. Last night I was in downtown doing a photo scavenger hunt with a few locals and on more than one occasion thought “damn, I wish I had my camera”. Where is my camera? Probably probably near Virginia now on its way back to BH Photo Video. It’s not BH’s fault that Nikon gave them defective cameras, but I do blame BH for one thing and that is not allowing negative reviews of the D600 to show up on their site.

If you notice, on amazon’s site, there are many angry customers who have oil spots on their D600’s sensor, but on BH’s site, all 20 (as of this writing) have 5 stars with no mention of the dust. This meant two things: Perhaps BH Photo got a different batch of cameras with the problem fixed or perhaps they censor negative comments. It was obvious it was the latter because my own negative review never showed up, but them not having any negative reviews did falsely build up my confidence to take the plunge and order. THAT is BH’s “crime” here so I can’t feel too bad that they are eating up the cost of shipping the camera and getting a new one.

To their credit, when I called them, they were pleasant and helpful, but I was told they were not aware of any problems but offered to replace it. I can’t believe the last part because I know many others who have done the same thing. It would be nice if the big volume retailers like Amazon, Adorama, and BH would form a united front and say they love their customers and until Nikon announces a fix, they will not sell the camera. That of course is wishful thinking.

As for Nikon, they have not answered a single tweet about the problem, and anger is mounting in D600 and Nikon’s flickr group. One thing I’ve found odd is that many fanboys who don’t own the D600, never have shot with it, and otherwise are not involved in this, are coming to Nikon’s rescue to minimize concerns and telling people who shelled out $2095 to stop whining. To be clear, all cameras deal with dust. On the D600, it’s just too much dust, too soon. Nikon needs to get its act together here or they will lose a lot of customers in the future – whether it’s this upgrade cycle or next.

On another note, my heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the northeast. I lived through Hurricane Ike and it was an eerie feeling to go outside the next day and see how bad the damage was inland and imagine how things must have been near the shore. Here are a couple of pictures I took the next morning (the hard watermark was not smart on my part). Hang in there guys. Rebuild one piece of your life at a time.

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike

*update November 18, 2012*
Brand new replacement, same dust problem:
D600 Sensor Dust Example


4 thoughts on “Nikon still denying dust/oil spot on the sensor problem on the Nikon D600 @nikonusa

  1. I’ve been waiting for nikon to fix this problem since this camera first came out. I definitely want a full frame. But I don’t want to spend so much to get a d800. This fits in my budget just right, but then I don’t want to buy spend 2k and get a faulty product. Don’t know how long I’ll have to wait.

    1. It’s sad but I think you just have to budget (whether it’s time or money) to get this camera one professional cleaning when you buy it. Mine is at Nikon right now, but I WAS able to clean it the first time. I just wanted them to do their part this one time and not have the whole cost on me. To be honest, it’s a great camera. I miss it right now and the D90 just isn’t the same.

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