My new Nikon D600 has oil spots. @Nikonusa needs to address the issue.

I was hoping my camera would be spared the Nikon D600 Oil problem, but like many others, no luck.

Notice the spot in the upper left? (in horizontal view it would be on the right where I also found spots) This was shot at f/8.

I counted about 10 spots here in a more official test. This one was shot at F/16 If you click on the picture, it will show you.

Nikon's oil spots

Nikon used to be a good brand. What happened?

I’ll update this entry rather than to start a new one because I am noticing hundreds of visitors who were searching for a solution to the D600’s dust issue. (bravo wordpress for giving me that info).

Well, I’d like to say that Nikon was helpful and they pre-RMAed my camera and sent me a new one to make it better; however, that would be wrong. They did not. As far as they’re concerned, there is no dust issue! Silly me. The only problem is that there is this thing called the internet that links users who like a particular hobby together and they share information.

Here are a couple showing clearly something is wrong.

If Nikon were to admit there is a problem, they would have to pay a lot of money to fix their mistake. So because of that, they are apparently advising their service reps to say “we look at everything on a case by case basis. Not everybody calling about the D600 is having the same issue you’re having”.

Phyllis from Nikon even offered to give me the link to fill out the paper work! How nice of her. Except I’d have to pay the $50 for shipping to send it to them. Again, I spent damn near $4000 on a new lens and camera…why in the hell would have to pay for shipping? The answer is “because there is not a widespread problem”. So what will happen is I’d pay $50 to send it today, another $50 next month, and another in a few months, and hopefully by then, they can blame something else and not do anything else.

I did call BH Photo and they said they’d pay for the shipping. I hate to make BH pay for it when it’s not their fault (although the way they don’t allow negative reviews of products online is fishy), but at least they stand behind their customers and that’s good. maybe if I wait another week, I’d get a fresh batch of cameras in. Who knows.

Update as of 11/18/2012
I finally got my replacement Nikon D600 – Serial number 304xxxx . Went out and shot and as soon as I got home, saw spots in my pictures again. Big ones that showed even at f/4. It was already getting dark out, but I decided to take one shot at f/22 to see what horrors I would find and voila: Keep in mind this was a brand new camera out of the box with 198 clicks.

D600 Sensor Dust Example.

I know for sure the big fat spot WAS dust and not oil and after some doing, I was able to blow it away. I will try to shoot again today to see if it’s any better. Otherwise, I will have to call Nikon every single day for as long as I own this camera for them to fix it.

Final edit. Miracle of Miracles – I was able to blow away the dust. It’s a very nice camera actually and hopefully the new firmware will get rid of small annoyances.


11 thoughts on “My new Nikon D600 has oil spots. @Nikonusa needs to address the issue.

  1. On October 2nd, I bought the d600 and have the exact same issue. Needing to determine whether to seek to utilize warranty and/or seek to have it professionally cleaned. Update with your resolution. Thanks.

    1. Well I called BH Photo Video but they were closed because of the storm. I called Nikon and they mentioned they were going to be slow to answer because of the storm so after 15 minutes of being on hold I hung up. I’ll give Nikon a chance to make this right and because it seems everybody who has gotten a replacement has had the same problem again. Even some who had sent it to Nikon and got it cleaned (for free) have seen the spots come right back. I think the only solution is to keep sending it back to Nikon until it’s resolved. Make sure and have Nikon pay for the shipping which may mean having to politely tell them you know about this flaw and not back down. Shipping is expensive and will cost around $50 if you insure this camera the full value.

  2. D600, dust and oil problems. When you pay more than 2000 bucks for any device, the least you should expect is the device to be spotless and high quality control.

    It is obviously not the case with Nikon. They released the product with little or no proper testing or quality control. It was the same with the d800, 30% of users returned the camera.

    This is just wrong. Who would keep a car leaking its oil due to defaulted manufacture and quality control ?

    No one.

    For me. there is no debate. Nikon were in denial for the AF issues of the d800, they are now ignoring the issues with the d600. It seems that Thailand with its “slave/cheap labour” isn’t the right place to manufacture high end products.

    Nikon is just there for the money ? I would return the d600. Buy a Sony A99 (made in Japan) or wait for the 6D from Canon. There is no excuse for a product costing so much.

    1. I completely agree. It’s looking more and more like the D600 is a “cheap” consumer camera with an FX sensor. As for switching brands, I just spent nearly $4000 on a 24-70mm and this camera and had already invested a significant amount in lenses and other things so jumping ship is not that easy. I’m not sure if Sony’s offerings would be any better to be honest because my buddy has an A700 and that thing was a dust magnet and he had to replace the shutter two years into owning it. I think the shutter is broke again.

      This time around I may suffer so at least I get the use out of my gear. Nikon can make this right if they get on top of this and issue a recall or at least have a plan to how to have a real fix. For some reason, maybe it’s a cultural thing, Japanese companies do not like to admit fault until they absolutely have no choice and even then they go around the issue (Toyota Camry’s pedal sticking comes to mind).

      I still have not heard back from Nikon, nor BH Photo. BH has a valid excuse with the storm in the NE but Nikon has none.

  3. I have just sent back my D600 for a full refund from b&h. Out of the box I’ve had the same problem as those posting around the web forums. All indicators suggest that merely cleaning the sensor will not solve the problem. I would hope that everyone who has this problem contact Nikon and send their D600’s back. I can only imagine that with enough complaints Nikon will have to devise a fix for future models. As for me I’ll be holding off buying another Nikon until the fix is in. By the way, in contacting Nikon they are not acknowledging this is an inclusive problem. I know that I had one of the first models issued with a 300xxxx serial number. I wonder if people with later serial numbers are having the same problem.

  4. Does this problem affect all D600s or only some. I am holding off buying one until I understand this. The store I was going to buy from says he has sold many D600 and has had no returns. (Of course that is what I expect a salesperson to say). Anyone have a D600 and after extensive use has not had the problem?

    1. Yeah don’t listen to the salesman. Either he is lying through his face, or possibly, the customers who buy this camera aren’t savvy enough to check for such things. That’s why I think Nikon is silent as well. My guess is that the typical Soccer-mom who buys this from Costco with the two kit lenses is going to be shooting in auto mode between f/3.5-5.6 and not see it.

      It looks like this is following the path of the D7000 where the early models had issues but a few people are coming forward to say their camera doesn’t have the issue. From what I can see, the early users with the serial number starting with 3000 had the issues. I was in that category. This flickr thread was just started and might be helpful:

    2. I bought a D600 Saturday–took over 100 shots with it Sunday–and took it back to the camera store Monday to send back to Nikon to clean the sensor and hopefully fix this defect. I had 10 or more spots on my sensor! Ridiculous right out of the box!!!!! This is unexceptable and I don’t want to keep the camera if all spots can’t be removed and stay gone!!!

  5. Thanks, that is very helpful. I spoke to a second vendor that said the Nikon rep said their shipments were ok because Nikon had fixed the gap with the shutter. I’m skeptical until I see Nikon acknowledges a fix. Looking at the posts in the thread you provided it seems to affect all serial numbers.

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