@nikonusa Come on Nikon, be like Tylenol and be upfront about D600’s oil problem.

One of the classic business cases that are used in universities around the world is the case of Tylenol in 80’s. You can google the details but the short version is that after there was reported tampering of their product, Tylenol immediately pulled everything off the shelves and announced that they were going to get to the bottom of this and their good name will not be compromised.

In the camera world, Nikon seems to be going the opposite way. When the D7000 came out, there were many reported cases of oil on the sensor as well. Actually the problem was more along the lines of the mirror box…allegedly. According to various photo forums, Nikon removed the excess oil and towards the end replaced faulty parts but never made an official announcement.

More recently, the D800 had a left focusing problem and again, Nikon kept quiet until they admitted some problems.

And now, the D600 has some problems according to many owners that I stay in touch with.

Of course the first reaction is disbelief and people announcing they have a problem are attacked online by the fanboys: “Nooooo! Not Nikon! It’s gotta be a user problem. You must have been changing lenses during a sandstorm!”.

Lack of quality control is one thing but not coming out with a solution and “maning up” is really sad. Come on Nikon, be like Tylenol.


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