Interactive vs. solitary photography.

Personality wise, I think I am more suited for solitary photography – driving, riding a bike, or walking to a location and soaking the environment all around me and trying to capture everything the way I want to remember it. Any interaction with the subject is metaphorical – I don’t have to ask the sun to smile though I have to be aware of where it is.

For instance, this is one of my favorite pictures because I planned ahead and still wasn’t sure what to expect and the landscape just blew my mind.

On the other hand, I love events and journalistic style of photography as well since there is a little bit of interaction with the subject, but it’s mostly that they are aware that I am there and nobody is under any pressure to pose or come up with a concept.
Via Colori 2011

Portraits however are a completely different area where interaction is essential with your subject. I’m not really a shy person but the problem is, unless I’m in a studio doing beauty shots, coming up with a concept and location is the hardest part. I think the last portrait session I did was last January and that was just a casual thing with only a 50mm 1.4 lens so I was due another one so I wouldn’t get rusty.

My friend/model Sarah and I met on Sabine Street’s skate park and just took a few pictures using a single SB-600 in a mini softbox ( 12″ x 12″) triggered with CLS/AWL. I missed the sunset but we managed to get a few decent pictures. I know TTL isn’t as cool as manual triggers, but it’s very handy. I have also become more of a horizontal portrait fan simply because they look better on computer and TV screens than vertical. Let’s face it, few people get posters these days.





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