Puppy! A “tail” of two pictures.

Dog events aside, most of my experience with shooting (photographing) dogs has been Alaskan Malamutes. It’s one thing to be at an event with a telephoto lens and zoom in on a trained dog who is concentrating on a particular task, but it’s quite different to put a camera in the fact of a furry high energy work dog and try to get him to look handsome. It involves a handler who is familiar with the dog, use of squeak toys, and a little luck.

The Malamutes that I deal with are the ones who have already been rescued, fixed up (hah), and have a home and it’s time to celebrate their new found happiness and use those pictures for inspiration and perhaps fundraising and such. I have however been meaning to try to get pictures of dogs who are on the other side of the process and need a home, but time is limited and I really didn’t know where to start so I thought I’d try it with a puppy that someone I know is fostering.

Unlike all those other evil and scary looking puppies, this one is a total sweetheart with eyes that melt your heart. The goal was to try to capture her personality in a few pictures and then have a more formal fancy looking portrait of her. This is not such an easy thing since the puppy would not stand still once she was in play mode and my camera is not exactly set up for fast moving subjects. Still, we managed to get some nice pictures that the adoption agency can use. Here is one of my favorites shot with the wide angle lens.

This was the more classic portrait shot with the 85mm 1.8 lens and an SB-800 flash and Rogue Flashbender off camera.


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