You win this round, Nikon. @nikonUSA

Given that I have an important shoot coming up in about a month and no matter whether I decide to stay with Nikon or go to Canon, I need my lens fixed, I decided to go ahead and pay them the money.   In the short term it seems as though Nikon has won, but as most marketing classes teach, getting a new customer costs companies several times more than keeping an existing customer happy.   In addition word of mouth advertising – both negative and positive is a powerful tool in the long run.    In the past, I would happily recommend Nikon, but after this point, when anybody asks me about Nikon, my recommendation will be “They make good cameras, BUT remember to factor in the cost of service in your overall price if something is out of warranty”.
FYI, Canon has an A+ rating with the BBB while Nikon is F.   The F does NOT stand for F-mount.
If I do stay with Nikon, one thing is for sure, I will not be buying the 24-70mm lens like I was planning to.  The difference ironically will be about the same as what spent on this repair.   The bright side is if I go with Tamron, I’d get a 6 year warranty 🙂   No reason to go with the gold rings if they have poor quality.


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