Nikon ( @nikonusa )has F rating with the BBB…no surprise here. Also, old pics

I really wanted to believe that Nikon was a fair company and all it would take is to get in touch with someone at the company who actually gives a damn about customer service.   After finding out that the company has an F rating with the BBB, , it is obvious that despite all the cutsie Ashton Kutcher commercials and their silly little twitter photo assignments, they are in fact a bad company to do business with as they do not stand behind their product (in my opinion, allegedly, don’t sue). If you read the BBB complaints, you’ll notice a pattern.

Don’t get me wrong, they make nice products and if you’re lucky and nothing goes wrong with them , they are the best in the world; however, if something does go wrong- like the poor guys who waited months to get a $3000 D800 only to have a green LCD screen or the AF issue, you best get used to this response: “The damage is not covered under warranty” because they have a magic catch all phrase that your gear has “physical damage” and they don’t cover that. Is there any other damage aside from physical damage? Does Nikon warranty cover mental damage to their cameras?

Is Canon any better?  Who knows, but I really am not looking forward to selling all my Nikon gear, getting white lenses, and hanging a picture of 80’s Andre Agassi with the slogan “Image is everything” on my wall.  *shudders*.

Where do things stand?  They still refuse to tell me what parts they’ll be replacing to demand such an outrages chuck of money.  In a perfect world, they would acknowledge their lens has a manufacturer’s defect and no professional $1999 lens should self destruct after a 6 inch drop.   I don’t know what the hell happened to Nikon.  Their cameras were used in wars – Just go watch Full Metal Jacket (I know that’s a movie but they really did use Nikon film cameras in the Vietnam War).

I’ve also seen people knock down their tripod with the camera and lens mounted and things work.   So at what point did Nikon’s quality go from war zone camera to having to go through this after a 6 inch drop?

Anyway…enough negativity for now.  Here are a few pictures taken with this lens…hopefully they won’t be the last.



Mecom Fountain in Houston

Houston from Summer Street Studios

Houston International Festival 2012

Ultra wide angle Seattle skyline

MD Anderson Light sculpture.

Discovery Park

Candlelight tour

Downtown Houston through Buffalo Bayou


One thought on “Nikon ( @nikonusa )has F rating with the BBB…no surprise here. Also, old pics

  1. NikonUSA customer service is an absolute joke. I’m about one more frustration away from contacting my attorney. My experience is very similar to yours. Good luck.

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