6th annual White Linen Night in the Heights 2012

Every year, the Houston Heights has a day set aside to wear white linen (this is not enforced unfortunately), close off 19th Street (and perhaps other streets), and just have a big summer party. Sure it’s hotter than hot, but you get to shake your fist at the heat and get out anyway. I had some more pictures, but there is a little switch on my lens which was accidentally set for manual focus so half of my shots were out of focus. Rookie mistake, but I was with other people and didn’t have time to mess around with it too much. Also, my beloved 14-24mm lens is on its way to Nikon for repairs thanks to a small 6 inch drop that’s causing the zoom ring to stick.

Anyway, to start off, here are some Belly Dancers of some sort…They were also dancing to a Prince cover song later in the evening. Again, my 14-24mm lens on my current camera would have been perfect for this sort of thing because it has a constant f/2.8 aperture and it’s wide, alas, I had to use my 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 lens instead. It’s not terrible, but I would have rather had the other one once the light went down.
White Linen Night

Here is one of many street bands
White Linen Night

Looks pretty cool, but seems slow…
White Linen Night

Heights Theater – I did another shoot there in January when the street was completely deserted so this is a stark contrast. Good times.
White Linen Night

Food trucks galore especially given that they can’t sell alcohol.
White Linen Night

White Linen Night

On my way back to the shuttle bus, I noticed the fashion/Bikini show going on. I couldn’t call myself a photographer if I didn’t take a few pictures of the event…you know, for science.
White Linen Night

White Linen Night


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