Insert Monkey Pun Here

Not a whole lot to say about the pictures in this post – Met a monkey, mistakes were made, pictures were taken, and nobody’s face was bitten off as I had feared. These were taken by my 85mm f/1.8 lens at f/2 and the light bounced off a low white ceiling and the SB-800 built-in bounce card which is why it almost looks like a studio picture. Who needs Instagram? I for one rather have cool, crisp, and sharp pictures instead of taking pictures that look like they were dragged in the mud; but to each their own.

On another note, there are more and more rumors that the D600 is a real camera which will be known as the first “Entry Level Full Frame” camera….I call it “Shut up and take my money!”. The D90 has been a workhorse and I’m leaning towards keeping it for a little while even if I do upgrade, but there have been so many advances in the last 4 years that it’s hard not to lust over the full frame offerings. Also, my current lens selection is optimized for full frame cameras – 14-24mm 24-85mm 80-200mm so I am lacking at having a real mid-range since often the 14-24mm is not long enough and the 24-85 is not wide enough on the DX and I have to switch lenses.

It would also be nice to take advantage of DSLR video. The D90 has one too but as it was the first Nikon to ever have video built in, it’s not exactly great.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business


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