When at a show, leave your F**ing ipad at home.

I see it more and more at events now- People bringing their ipads, Galaxy Tablets, or other tablet computers and using it as a camera. Please stop. The camera on those things is no better (and actually worse in many cases) than a cell phone camera and it makes you look like a complete douche bag. Please, I implore you to stop. I know you spent $600 on it and need to justify spending that money by showing it off, but do yourself and the people standing behind you at the shows and either leave it at home or take it with you to Starbucks on your Segway.

As a photographer, I love taking my DSLR with me at all sorts of events whether it’s a street festival, concert (if they allow it), or sports event, but thanks to some fellow photographers, more and more places are banning cameras (translation: fancy looking cameras) from the venues. iPad guy is only to make that worse.

I went to iFest again this weekend and had a great time. I will be posting pictures later, but on a couple of occasions saw ipad guy. Here is one lady who was really going out of her way to block the view of those behind her (I have no idea what brand that thing is). You’ve got to draw the line somewhere- what’s next, bringing your laptop? Mounting a satellite dish on your head?

Don't be that guy


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