Seattle Photographs Revisited…

I think this will be the last in the latest “re-editing older pictures” series that I’ve had the last few days. I think this one however is well worth the trouble because I took around 800 or so pictures of the beautiful Seattle Washington area this fall (started the posts here: ) and at first edited the pictures on my laptop’s smaller monitor, and then I was a bit busy and rushed things so some of the more non-impact pictures were neglected. Now that I’m using Lightroom 4, and had time, it was a great time to brush the pictures over a bit and here they are!

This is the entrance of the Pike Place Market. It’s famous for tossing fresh fish and overall getting fresh fresh foods. The original Starbucks is there too.


The very first Starbucks!

Discovery Park was also a place I fell in love with. Originally, I just wanted to see the famous lighthouse overlooking the Puget Sound, but the entire park was amazing.
Discovery Park

The Lighthouse

mmmm fries

This is one of those pictures that I could have only gotten if I were on foot or in my case a bike. There were no parking lots or anything and since I was too chicken to be out on a main road on a bike, I was on the sidewalk and even though I was completely exhausted by the 15 miles of bike riding over hills all day, had to get my camera out.

Ultra wide angle Seattle skyline

Seattle Skyline

In case anybody is curious, this is the spot the pictures were taken from:


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