Blast from the Past

While I’m still recovering from my tooth thing (infections are a bitch), I’ve been going through some older pictures. Almost exactly 4 years ago, I was in Dallas for a few days and one night decided to take a break from what I was there for, and get out and shoot something and ended up in Downtown. Up till then, I was trying to remember what Dallas was famous for, but it wasn’t until someone there pointed out when I realized I was at the JFK shooting site. This was a very big deal to me because even though it was before my time, it was one of the most memorable and saddest moments in US history. Our History teacher made us watch JFK the movie and also many documentaries of the shooting so to be there in person purely by accident was amazing.

These were taken by my D40 and sigma 18-50mm f/2.8 lens. It was at that point when I realized I really need an ultra wide angle lens. I also shot everything in JPG back then so there is little I can do about the white balance now.

In the first picture you see the bookstore. It’s hard to see in the small pictures, but on the street there are also 2 X marks where the limo was when the first and second shots were fired. The tree heights are exactly as they were that day. For me, I don’t see any reason why a skilled marksman couldn’t have pulled it off. It was pretty close.
JFK shooting site

Here is the grassy knoll.
Grassy Knoll

And here is the courthouse jail where both Oswald, and his killer Jack Ruby stayed. That is irony.


4 thoughts on “Blast from the Past

  1. I’ve never been to Dallas. I think I’d like to go just to wander around and take pictures. This would definitely be one of my stops because I also love history.

    1. From what I heard, if you go there during the day, they have little tours set up (not sure if it’s official or not). For me, some guy off the street at 9 pm told me he was a guide during the day but he didn’t look too legit. I still tipped him though to thank him for not murdering me.

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