Before and After

While I am waiting for my root canal to heal up (or at least not having agonizing pain every 2 hours), I rooted through my old pictures (I know…) and found one similar to the one posted in the previous post taken in 2009. The problem is that in 2009, I did not see the value of saving my best raw files, and even worse, I didn’t know how to fix the ugly yellow skies that pop up in in city night photography.

Working from a JPG isn’t ideal but sometimes it’s still better to do it than to leave a bad picture in tact. This is not that hard to do really – I first did a general white balance change to the entire picture to make it cooler and bring the sky to my liking. Then I had to make the bottom of the picture look warmer so I did a gradient white balance change (I think this is new to Lightroom 4). Voila!

Before and After


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