Happy Norooz 2012! Noruz@ Discovery Green Park.

Last year, I stumbled on the Norooz (also spelled Nowrūz (Persian: نوروز‎, IPA: [nouˈɾuːz], meaning “[The] New Day”) celebrations in Houston’s Discovery Green park completely by accident and ended up having a blast( see here/ ). This year I actually planned on going and it was just as good as last year, though as you can see, last year’s pictures were probably better. I just did not have the energy to go around as much this year since I spent the morning shooting a birthday party at a roller skate rink and was out of energy!

More information can be found at the wiki page here
It’s tradition for Persians to decorate an elaborate table with 7 traditional items that start with the letter “S” in Farsi. Each item has a symbolic meaning, but again, go to the wiki page for more accurate information than what I can give.
Norooz @ Discovery Green 2012

This year we had a new guest from DC by the name of Tehran. He did a great job and made us realize how much we should clap for the opera (inside joke).
Norooz @ Discovery Green 2012

The MC this year was once again the lovely Sonia Azad who did a wonderful job.
Norooz @ Discovery Green 2012

Overall, Houston has a very large Persian American population. Not quite as big as LA mind you, but this is something that most smaller cities don’t have.
Norooz @ Discovery Green 2012

The night was capped off by a concert by famous Iranian singer, Shahram Shabpareh.
Norooz @ Discovery Green 2012


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